2014 Awards

Agri-Culture Fest and Feast

2014 Colorado Governor’s Award

Outstanding Community Tourism Initiative

The event, focused on the culture of agriculture and “bringing the rural to the urban” by promoting local agritourism and the rich heritage in Greeley. Created by the Greeley Creative District, the event was collaboration at its finest, bringing together the Creative District, Downtown Development Authority, City of Greeley, Art Commission, farmers’ market and the ag business community just to name a few. The event sold out in its first year and received extremely favorable remarks from attendees.

Judy Walden

2014 Colorado Governor’s Award

Outstanding Individual Contribution to Tourism

Judy Walden was acknowledged for her contributions to the promotion and development of Colorado’s Scenic Byways and several of Colorado’s heritage and agritourism programs. Over the years, Judy has been a champion for rural Colorado, and she has worked to ensure that the stories, promotion and marketing of these destinations and offerings are respectful of the delicate balance between attracting visitors and preserving local places.

Tour de NoCo

2014 Colorado Governor’s Award

Outstanding Tourism Marketing Program

For the past three years Steamboat, Grand Lake and Fort Collins have joined forces to showcase the best of what Northern Colorado has to offer to more than a dozen top-tier travel and outdoor adventure journalists through a multi-day, supported cycling ride that also includes a variety of activities from brewery tours and mountain biking to cultural and culinary delights. This highly successful collaboration has generated coverage in leading publications, including Forbes, Mountain Magazine, The Boston Globe and more.

Doris Blake

2014 Colorado Governor’s Award

Jack Snow Award for Outstanding Tourism Volunteer

Doris is one of the Grand Junction Welcome Center’s most dedicated volunteers. Her enthusiasm for travel is evident in all her interactions with visitors. She is extremely knowledgeable about the Grand Junction area and always receives high praise. Doris recently achieved a milestone of 5,000 volunteer hours at the Grand Junction Visitor Center. She has been volunteering for the Grand Junction Visitor & Convention Bureau since 1996.

Rich Grant

2014 Colorado Governor’s Award

Chairman’s Award for Outstanding Tourism Efforts

We can’t say enough about Rich Grant and his tireless promotion of Denver during his 35 years with Visit Denver, a time, he says, in the service of Colorado tourism, he has drunk an Olympic size swimming pool of craft beer. Rich was the principal Denver tourism spokesperson during the Summit of the Eight, World Youth Day, four all star games and the Democratic National Convention. Rich was part of the team that created Denver Restaurant Week and Denver Beer Fest. He is also credited with creating many of the “exact facts” that have crept into Denver tourism such as Denver having 300 days of sunshine, 850 miles of bike trails and 200 named beers. He has met and worked with literally thousands of travel writers from dozens of countries, served on the executive board of the Society of American Travel Writers and contributed himself to the travel writing field with the WalkingAndDrinkingBeer.com blog. The amount of PR people who have worked for and with Rich would fill a small stadium.

Senator Gail Schwartz & Representative Tim Dore

2014 Colorado Governor’s Award

Legislators of the Year — Friend to Tourism

In the nascent but burgeoning agritourism industry, there were concerns among industry members that bringing people onto their farms and ranches might subject the owners to an undue level of liability given the sometimes unpredictable nature of farm and ranch animals and activities of farming and ranching. Senator Schwartz and Representative Dore recognized the legitimate concerns of those involved in agritourism and stepped to the line with HB 1280. With HB 1280 in effect, industry practitioners now have the peace of mind that goes with knowing they will not suffer frivolous lawsuits.

Awards this year were provided by local Denver artist Julie Leidel. You can read more about Julie and her work at thebungalowcraft.com.

Julie Leidel Latest Artwork

The CTO purchased Julie’s work with the help of Samuel Schimek and his I Heart Denver Store and we’d encourage you to do some of your holiday shopping there!

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